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Beyond PTSD:  The Complex Syndrome of Combat Stress

Beyond PTSD:  The Complex Syndrome of Combat Stress

By Robert Scaer, MD

The diagnosis of PTSD had its roots in the disabling emotional symptoms seen in returning veterans of the war in Viet Nam. Since the Civil War, soldiers have returned from war with a variety of perplexing symptoms attributed to inherent weakness, secondary gain and malingering. Now we are once again dealing with an epidemic of behavioral problems in our Iraq vets that go beyond the definitions imposed by PTSD, including substance abuse, risk-taking, violence, suicide and social isolation. Dr Scaer reviews the physiology of combat stress, and the varied behavioral manifestations that far exceed the manifestations of PTSD. He looks at gender issues. the nature of combat, the role of training and the social implications of exposure to warfare. He redefine COS (Combat Operational Stress) in the light of the varied symptoms of complex trauma seen in Disorders of Extreme Stress, Not Otherwise Specified (DESNOS). Lastly Dr Scaer introduces therapeutic designs that incorporate addressing the profound somatic elements of COS, and the need for family and community reintegration.

Learning Objectives

1) Participants will be able to apply the unique clinical presentations of Combat Stress to therapeutic models.
2) Participants will apply the concept of retained procedural memory for somatic elements of the combat traumatic experience to an integrated therapeutic approach.
3) Participants will learn to recognize symptom patterns in their combat stress patients that may predict addictive and harmful behaviors.


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