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Changing the Eating Disorder Patient’s Default Mode:  Yoga, Meditation, Massage

Changing the Eating Disorder Patient’s Default Mode:  Yoga, Meditation, Massage

By Ralph Carson, PHD, RD, LD


Eating disorder expert, Dr Ralph Carson explores the role of meditation, massage and yoga in the psychotherapeutic process, focusing especially on treatment concerns specific to the eating disorder population. While traditional psychotherapy addresses the mind through the relationship between client and therapist --- body, mind and exercises are client oriented modalities that enable the client to establish relationships with him/herself by accessing information from their subconscious state. The body can serve as a conduit between the murky waters of unconsciousness and cognitive awareness. Body mind oriented therapies can be very effective at addressing early trauma and sexual abuse as well as addiction and eating disorder behavior. Dr Carson covers relaxation techniques: Meditation/Prayer; Yoga: Massage Therapy: Tai Chi; Pilates; Progressive Muscle Relaxation; and relaxation breathing. This information will be integrated to help the family and patients struggling with eating disorders connect with how these peripheral intervention techniques produce necessary changes for permanent recovery.

Learning Objectives

1.  Assess how practicing relaxation, yoga, massage and meditation influence physical healing in the eating disorder patients

2. Describe the importance of the breath in reconnecting with the body and improving body image


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