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Cultural Diversity in Working with Adolescents

Cultural Diversity in Working with Adolescents

By Jaime Henry-Juravic, LMFT

1.5 CE's

For adolescents, the notion of culture is of vital importance to their experience of belonging as well as their overall identity development.  Understanding the roles of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, and sibling status is crucial in understanding the identity development of the adolescent. Our experience of culture is informed by the multiple identities that define us as both individuals and part of a larger community. Some are more or less assigned to us at birth, while others are created over time. All provide meaning and context for our experiences.  We, as therapists, may struggle to understand or accept the cultures with which our adolescent clients identify. Conversely, we may assume we understand based on preconceived definitions or biases.  In this training, Jaime Henry-Juravic  discusses approaches for working with adolescent clients through a cultural lens. Elements of multiple identities will be explored in the context of how these identities shape the adolescent’s overall experience of development. You will be encouraged to examine your own histories, belief systems, personal values biases and multiple identities, while identifying strategies for helping clients to do the same. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the roles of culture, ethnicity, race, gender and sibling status in the identity development of the adolescent
  • Explore the impact of the therapist’s personal values, biases, and cultural influences, on the therapeutic relationship
  • Identify elements of cultural competence, including supporting the multiples identities of our clients, and explore strategies for implementing these in clinical practice
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