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Eating Disorders:  Healing from the Inside Out

Eating Disorders:  Healing from the Inside Out

By Carolyn Costin, MED, MFT

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How do people heal?  What do those with eating disorders say about their recovery and what helped them get better?  In this presentation Carolyn Costin, a seasoned veteran in the field, will provide glimpses into the lives of those struggling with and overcoming eating disorders. Using case examples Carolyn Costin will show steps taken, strategies employed and assignments used to help people heal themselves from both the symptoms and underlying issues that accompany these illnesses.  Participants will leave this presentation with hands on tools as well as uplifted spirits.

 Learning Objectives

• List at least one body image assignment to use with clients
• Describe  the assignment "worst eating disorder day"
• List one characteristic that clients report good therapists have that facilitates their recovery

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