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Healing from Trauma:  From “Survival/Hyper Aroused Brain” to “Learning/Mindful Brain”

Healing from Trauma:  From “Survival/Hyper Aroused Brain” to “Learning/Mindful Brain”

By Christine Courtois, PhD, ABPP

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is now recognized as being the result of changes in the individual’s psychophysiology. It involves hyper-arousal and re-experiencing, alternating with numbing/dissociation and avoidance, and changes in the individual’s sense of self and relations with others. Limbic-based reactions interfere with the ability to be calm and engaged. This workshop begins with an explanation of PTSD and its influence and then moves to a description of principles of and approaches to treatment to calm the survival/hyperaroused brain. These approaches involve safety-in-environment and safety-in-relationship, working within the individual’s “window” of emotional tolerance and expanding it, teaching skills of emotional recognition and regulation (including mindfulness), physical relaxation and somatosensory approaches, shame-reduction and others.  This workshop offers practical suggestions for moving the client from hyperaroused to mindful.


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