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I Gave at the Office!  Compassion Fatique and Post Secondary PTSD

I Gave at the Office!  Compassion Fatique and Post Secondary PTSD

By Rokelle Lerner

Do you know the difference between compassion fatigue and “burn out”? People in the helping professions, especially therapists and counselors often end up often suffering too, if they are not clear in how to set healthy boundaries. Relationship expert, Rockelle Lerner, explains how compassion fatigue is often diagnosed as post secondary PTSD.  When the level of acuity of patients is continually high, therapists can absorb the trauma in ways that bleed over into their personal lives; which can diminish their efficacy in their work with others. Rockelle delivers a humorous perspective while teaching us practical methods to counteract compassion fatigue and show how to maintain vision, purpose and balance in life.

Learning Objectives

• Participants will define the differences between compassion fatigue and “burn-out”
• Participants will explore symptoms of compassion fatigue and strategies that enhance productivity
• Participants will identify techniques that maintain a perspective of humor and well being


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