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Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

By G. Alan Marlatt, PHD


In this presentation, Dr. Alan Marlatt will provide an overview of MBRP, a group-based outpatient intervention that meets weekly for 8 weeks and is designed to prevent relapse in addiction treatment programs with an abstinence goal.  MBRP adds mindfulness meditation to traditional Relapse Prevention (RP), a cognitive-behavioral program--mindfulness can be considered a meta-cognitive coping skill that helps clients reduce stress and to cope effectively with urges and cravings without giving into them.  The results from a RCT will be presented, showing the positive outcomes for MBRP treatment.

Learning Objectives

1.  To learn and practice several meditation strategies used in MBRP, including body scans and breath meditation.
2. To teach clients brief meditation skills designed to cope with urges (Urge Surfing)
3. To describe meta-cognitive coping skills that teach clients how to accept cravings without giving into them.


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