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Neural Factors of Mindfulness

Neural Factors of Mindfulness

By Rick Hanson, PhD

Ever wonder how attention works in the brain? In this comprehensive workshop, neuropsychologist and mindfulness expert, Dr Rick Hanson, explores numerous ways to help people strengthen the neural substrates of mindfulness. He teaches us the three functions of attention in the brain. Mindfulness training is a key resource for self-directed neuroplasticity. To stay alive in the wild, our ancestor’s evolved highly distractible attention systems – which pose real challenges to developing greater mindfulness today. Dr Hanson explores the implications of normal neurological diversity for the “turtles” and “jackrabbits” at either end of the spectrum and offers practical tools for increasing mindfulness which increases attention function.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain why mindfulness training is a key resource for self-directed neuroplasticity
  • Describe the three functions of attention
  • Teach clients three methods for improving mindfulness


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