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The Spectrum of Trauma From Child to Adult

The Spectrum of Trauma From Child to Adult

By Robert Scaer, MD

1.5 CE's

Dr. Robert Scaer helps us to apply a new understanding of trauma and disease for the management of trauma and addiction patients. The potential causes of life  trauma as presented in the DSM-IV address only the extremes of negative life experiences.  In reality, from infancy to adulthood, many “minor” negative life events may assume the physiological state of trauma if experienced in a state of relative helplessness, and therefore have profound implications for complex societal trauma. This concept has important implications in consideration of causes for, and the treatment of, addiction, disease and mental illness. This workshop offers skills in relating to your patients through a more comprehensive understanding of the basis of their complaints.

at the end of this workshop you will be able to:

1. To describe at least 10 "minor" negative life experiences that may trigger the physiology of trauma if experienced without the capacity to control them.
2. To Apply concepts of trauma recapitulation to our preferences, choices and routine life behaviors.
3. To redefine our concept of mental illness, addiction and personality disorder based on a model of trauma.



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