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Jaime Henry-Juravic, LMFT

Jaime Henry-Juravic

Jaime Henry-Juravic, LMFT, Has clinical experience that is uniquely informed by her background in movement and the arts. She believes strongly in the healing nature of the therapist/client relationship. She facilitates a skill-development group for trauma survivors, as well as a general skill-development group using the principles of Mindfulness.  She is Clinical Coordinator at PEER Services, and is on staff at Live Oak in Chicago.




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Cultural Diversity in Working with Adolescents

Cultural Diversity in Working with Adolescents

1.5 CE's For adolescents, the notion of culture is of vital importance to their experience of belonging as well as their overall identity development.  Understanding the roles of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, and sibling status is cr...

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